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Diocese Of Salina

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  • NOTE: Safe Environment training takes 75 minutes to complete and MUST be completed in one sitting.

  • If you have done Safe Environment training for the Diocese of Salina, a CMGConnect account has already been set up for you with a unique username and password.

  • Once the Safety Coordinator of your parish/school has given you that information, please continue the process by clicking "Sign In" located in the right hand corner of this page.

  • If you do not have that username and password please contact your parish/school Safety Coordinator before continuing. (Please do not make a new account)

  • If this is your FIRST TIME doing Safe Environment training for the Diocese of Salina, please complete the account creation boxes at the right to begin this process.

Please complete all required fields.  Your information is confidential and will not be used for any marketing. 

If you would like to get updates when training requirements are available, please include your email.

Please select the parish or school you are primarily associated with.

Definition of Roles:

  • Educator: Salaried teachers, principals, and administrators in diocese and parish schools, including substitute teachers.  Coaches are educators ONLY if they also do classroom teaching.
  • Employee:  Paid persons (other than priests/deacons or educators) who are employed by and work directly for the diocese or parish/school, such as office personnel, chancery staff, and clerical staff.  youth ministers who are paid, parish ministers,school support staff, janitors, paraeducators, paid coaches (who are not classroom teachers) paid religious ed coordinators and paid bus drivers.
  • Volunteers:  Unpaid persons who assist the diocese/eparchy (including parishes and schools) such as catechists, youth ministers, and student teachers.

Select all the descriptions of what you will be doing in your service to the Church.

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